When Dissonant Plane closed up shop in 2010, I boxed up my portion of the CDs, records, cassettes, and books. They were stored along with items left over from when Anomalous Records closed in 2003. Some of these things have been offered for sale via this web site and Discogs, but most of them have remained boxed up and not offered for sale. Now I am unpacking everything for a one day sale event.

It will happen on Saturday, March 17th from 1 PM to 5 PM at:

121 Prefontaine Place South
Seattle, Washington 98104

It is located on the east side of the TK building in the Pioneer Square neighborhood.

If my sale isn't tempting you enough, you will also have the chance to peruse the selection of esoteric and occult books that Mortlake specializes in as well as paintings by Jesse Paul Miller hanging on the walls.

If you miss this event, the left over items will slowly be added to this web site in the mail order section. So check back or sign up for the newsletter.

The last release from Ri Be Xibalba was a 10" by The No-Neck Blues Band called Gitanjali. It came out in an edition of 314 copies. I am down to around 20 copies of it.

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